Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lululemon, I tried so hard to resist! But I FAILED!

Yeah, is this a weird post or what? Anyhow, I was at the mall recently exchanging something I got for Christmas for a larger size...ahem I'm talking about shoes...I didn't gain that much weight!

It's weird how I feel more comfortable confessing I needed bigger shoes than larger clothes. Back in the days in China, they use to value women with small tiny feet. Women use to put themselves through hell with the practice of feet binding to obtain small feet. I've seen some photos of women doing this and I have to say that I think their feet looked so much worse after wards. I mean it is just not possible to turn a size 10 feet into a size 5 feet without it looking strange. I will spare you the photos. Seems like women are always trying to conform to some impossible standards. But that's neither here nor there. Definitely not connected to this post in any way. Looks like I've gone on a tangent.

Back to my story, after I exchanged my shoes, I walked passed a Lululemon store and decided to walk in. I live in the OC, and Lululemon stores seem to be everywhere. I have to admit that I went in one of them once and came out with the worse sticker shock of my life; second only to when I went to look at BMWs once (I was driving a Honda at the time). I swore that I would never go into another one again. Not because I didn't like what they were selling because believe me, they have some really great stuff in there.

On this particular day, I happened to remember that I had a gift certificate in a very decent amount which would buy maybe 2-3 pieces of workout wear in other stores. But not this store. I went in anyways because that gift certificate was burning a whole in my purse.

I picked out a pair of workout capris and a jacket. I tried them on. I see what the fuss is all about. I go to the counter. I drop major moola. I walk out of the store and feel guilty for spending so much on workout clothes. I go home. I try on clothes again. They lift and slim. All is well in the universe again.

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Glenn Jones said...

All the females in this house (daughter, nieces) agree with your assessment. Unfortunately for my pocketbook....