Friday, January 7, 2011

Shizuma Ramen - Irvine, CA

Not too long ago, during one of those bizzare rainy Southern California nights, I was out looking for dinner. Okay, that's a lie. I was at home and wanted some noodle soup. This is not out of the ordinary because I'm Asian and frankly I am always looking for noodle soup. ALWAYS! It is a strange day in my universe when I am not craving some sort of noodle soup.

On this particular night, I was lazy. Okay okay, I am almost always lazy but it was also raining. I didn't want to drive too far for dinner. I decided to just go and get some pho at the closest restaurant that I could think of. So, I arrive at the strip mall where the pho restaurant is located and surprise surprise..long line! Well it wasn't that long but did not want to wait 20 minutes in the rain. I guess everyone else had the same idea I did. Rainy day=pho. The restaurant is small so you had to wait outside. I was sad. I pouted. Then my not-as-picky dinner companion suggested that we try that new ramen place a few doors down. "Bleh" I said..."They are not highly rated on yelp" I added.

After about 30 seconds of standing in the rain thinking about an alternative place to eat. I quickly ran into Shizuma Ramen if only to get out of the rain. It was nice and warm inside, and dry and it did not smell bad. Good sign.

Verdict? The ramen is decent here. The noodle is chewy which I like. The broth is decent. Service is really slow, even when there were only 2 tables in use. [edit: they recently remodeled the inside of the restaurant, not sure why since they only opened recently but it appears the service was also revamped because they are a bit faster now.] I will likely go back because as I mentioned before, sometimes I am lazy.

I took this photo of the inside while waiting for my food to come. So...slowly...

Shoyu Pork Chashu Ramen - $7

Side of potstickers - these are your average potstickers. Nothing of note to point out about them.

I came back on another visit because I found a coupon for a buy one get one half off. Might as well give this place another try.

I ordered the Shizuma Shoyu Ramen and really liked it. I think I came here the last time with the wrong mindset. This place is not bad as long as I don't go comparing it to Santouka; and I shouldn't because they are different but good in their own ways.

My honey ordered the Chicken Katsu Curry because he is going through a Japanese curry phase currently so he can't get enough of this stuff.

I went back on yet another evening and ordered this Shrimp Shoyu Ramen. It was refreshing and hearty all at once. It is good if you are in a shrimp kinda mood.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Shizuma Ramen
4250 Barranca Pkwy, Ste Q
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 559-6631

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Glenn Jones said...

That pho restaurant is also my family's favorite closest pho place! Have you tried any of the places in Diamond Jubilee over off of Jamboree?