Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Farmers Market kinda day

So instead of getting my long run in this morning like a good little runner...

Instead, I still got up bright and early and headed to the Farmers Market...

Citrus and apple season in full swing.

Some lovely leafy greens.

Of course I stopped by here.

More walking around...

That large bear came home with me. Should last me for one week...hehehe.

And if that wasn't enough shopping, I also made a stop here to pick up some stuff to make breakfast.

I picked up these beautiful tuberose...they smell amazing!

This probably looks like a chocolate chip cookie from afar but it is actually blueberry pancakes being made. I love a lot of blueberries in my pancakes.

Red velvet bundt cake from the rum-cake stall. Yummy!

Modeling the cute apron that Sister K got for me for my birthday last year. That tells you how much I cook. :D

My blogging companion.

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. We are having some terrific weather today in the OC. I'm going to go and take advantage of it now. Ciao!

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