Monday, January 24, 2011

Are We Still Living In The Dark Ages?

I had all the intentions of writing a recap of my weekend in Vegas but something is bothering me and I need to shed some light on it. Racism.

It deeply saddens me that there are so many ignorant, hypocritical and closed-minded individuals out there. I can only assume these people behave this way because they are either bullies and/or compensating for some sort of lacking in their lives.

On top of being sad, I am also angry. I know I should not let these sort of things bother me because in doing so I am giving power to the abusers. It frightens me that I cannot even go on a trip outside of my town without being belittled.

Currently, there is an ugly race debate on my hometown's Facebook page. It's ironic because certain members of the the Hispanic community is making blatant racist comments about the Asian community. I mean, really? I'm not a political person so I can't effectively speak against this but aren't there certain parts of the US where they are on the receiving end of prejudice.

And then the other day, my family and I decided to have breakfast at a popular local restaurant in Las Vegas when we were so fortunate to be seated next to a table full of drunken racism morons. They were making disgusting comments about the waitress and each other. I'm sure their moms must be so proud. They saw me take a photo of my food (for the blog) and made some comment that contained the word "gook". Really...because no one but Asians take lots of photos everywhere they go, right? I can't think of a better way to start my morning than with a glass of orange juice and some racism remark.

I don't have anything else nice to say so I'm going to stop here!


Glenn Jones said...

In my business I got to spend a fair amount of time traveling around the US. There are parts of the south where blacks still loo down when walking past a white person. No kidding.

Jean said...

Madison, it is so sad that incidents like this ever happened, let alone are still happening. One of my hobbies is genealogy and I often think how if we trace our ancestry back far enough, we are ALL related, we are all cousins!