Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Shot at Bikram

I went to Bikram last night. I've only been there one other time about two years ago. After that initial class I didn't feel like going back. It was hot and smelly and frankly I have about a million excuses of why I had not gone back.

But just like the fading of marathon day soreness, I've since forgotten everything about my initial experience. So I am going back to give it another chance.

Post Bikram session 1 comment: Well I did it. I made it to the Bikram studio and finished the session. I am sore today. They installed new carpet in the room so it smelled a lot better. The instructor didn't pick on my lack of experience at all this time around. Overall, I had a better experience than last time. It is actually quite nice to be in that hot room when the weather is cold outside. I purchased a Groupon deal a while back for 10 classes, so I have 9 more classes to go. I want to dedicate myself to using up all 9 sessions before I make up my mind about liking or not liking Bikram. I consider myself an active person but this type of yoga is not easy. Some of the poses are difficult to do and always reminds me of how little I spend stretching on a daily basis. Pose four looks innocent enough but is quite difficult to maintain for any period of time. Especially when you are sweaty and your skin becomes slippery. My breathing is also sub-par but I love the deep stretching that I get out of this type of yoga. Going back next week.


Anonymous said...

MADISON! Is this the Laguna Beach studio? I bought the groupon too and haven't used it yet. When are you going next? Let's make it a date.

Jean said...

Wow! If YOUR breathing isn't tip-top with all your training, I hate to think how MINE stacks up! I don't think I'd survive one session of Bikram to come back for "another shot"!