Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Fitness Challenges

I am participating in the following challenges over the holiday period in order to help me stick to my goals. I don't have a motivation problem but this just makes it more interesting.

If you are into running (walking and wheel chair mileages count too), then head over to RunEatRepeat and sign up for the annual Pile On The Miles Challenge. It started today 11/1 and will run until 11/23.

Then on 11/19, RunToFinish is once again hosting the annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge where anything active and healthy will score you some points.

I am doing a similar thing with my Spin class in which I will be teaching a class everyday from 11/1-11/23, except for weekends and 2 Fridays when I will be out of town. We are working on maintaining our fitness level up til Thanksgiving and then we plan to get right back into it come December so that we are ready for any holiday parties that come our way. Basically our ultimate goal is to workout consistently throughout the holiday season so that come January 1, we will have one less thing to resolve.

Finally, I decided to give the 100 push up Challenge another go! Only because I need to work on my upper body strength. My last attempt yielded 56/100 push ups. No sign up is required and you go at your own pace.

POTM and HBBC will be handing out prizes to participates based either on participation or total points scored. But no matter which one of these you decide to participate in, the ultimate prize will be your health and fitness!

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