Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Foodbuzz Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner was hosted at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom and sponsored by Alexia. This pretty light fixture hung above the escalator that led us down to the lower level to the reception area.

Open bar...yes please!

Appetizers courtesy of Alexia! I like french fries, don't get me wrong, plus these are actually baked and not fried but I would have liked something else along with the fries. Something to break up all the potato. Why so much fries, well these are blogger recipes that we were asked to sample and vote on. Okay, it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

The stage was set for the special guest!


Well hello again Tyler Florence! Whatcha cookin'?

Delicious juicy pork chops you say. How did you know the key to my heart is through my stomach? I think someone needs to quickly invent smell-o-vision because it smelled amazing inside that ballroom during the cooking demo.

Pre-dinner appetizers...you know in case you still had space in your stomach after all that french fries.

This Bibb lettuce salad was so good! So good! The lemony bleu cheese dressing was heavenly!

Things started to head south after the salad course. The Surf and Turf dinner was meh! Meh=uninspired. I use that word a lot...for me it means when a dish is not very creative.

Dessert trio - I was not impressed and I love dessert.

Look how much was still on the plate after I was finished eating. This is a rare scene.

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