Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Foodbuzz Taste Pavilion (aka Day of Gluttony)

I'm going to talk about the Foodbuzz Taste Pavillion today because I have way too much notes from the second part of my Content Session post so it will take some time for me to type it up. But here is some food eye-candy. So after the Content Sessions, Foodbuzz had buses take us over to the Metreon for the Taste Pavilion.

The Metreon is a movie theater/shopping/eating complex! 


Check out the view from the 4th floor of the Metreon!

Okay, forget about the view. Check out the food!

And more food!

And my favorite category of food...DESSERT!

Need something to wash all that food down! 

These heat and serve ciabatta rolls from Alexia frozen food products were surprisingly delicious. I would serve this at home. I would probably eat the entire batch myself so I'd give everyone else a one minute headstart.

You know what else Alexia had? Chef Tyler Florence! Yeah Alexia has everything a girl needs! I've been watching Tyler on the Food Network for many years now and it was such a great opportunity to get to meet him in person. He was so nice. He told me that he almost named his daughter Madison. It was their second choice. I tell this story to anyone who will listen to it. Want to hear it again?

I only have one plate shot for you but just multiply this plate by about a hundred and you get the idea. This plate of seafood inspired delights was provided by Alaska Seafood. Out of everything I ate at the Taste Pavilion, this stood out in my mind. So good!

Mission Minis Cupcakes. You know I had a bunch of these babies as cupcakes are near and dear to my heart but surprisingly they were not as great as they look. I hate to diss a cupcake but these were bland and uninspired.

Needless to say that after this three hour eating fest, I was ready to collapse into my bed! And I did, I almost missed the Gala Dinner due to my food coma.


Ria said...

WOW! Where is this! Everything looks so delicious!

Nobel4Lit said...

That ciabatta was probably the only non-meat thing that I missed. =/