Friday, November 25, 2011

Fast Food at Home!

I've been doing a lot of time at work lately and coming home late doesn't allow for much time to cook. I know I make a lot of jokes about my cooking but for the most part it has all been edible and some were even delicious. Recall when I made this frozen meal a couple of weeks ago? No? Well I don't blame you, it was pretty forgettable. On the same day that I picked up the other frozen dinner, I also picked up this P.F. Chang's Meal for 2. I was not very hopeful after my experience with that other package but it was sitting in my freezer one day when I had no idea what to make for dinner.

This is the content of the package. There are frozen little squares of sauce mixed in with the frozen broccoli and beef. I chopped up some baby bok choy to "beef" up the veggie content of this meal.

I served it over brown rice and it was actually pretty good. Dinner is served!

Dinner was so quick to make that I had time to make dessert. I got this box of Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Cake in my Foodbuzz swag bag.

This cake was also really simple to throw together. I just added some eggs and oil to the mix in the box.

Dollops of fudge makes this cake interesting!

And by interesting...I mean bowl lickin' good!

Fresh out of the oven.

Care for a slice?

The cake was really moist and the fudge center layer was really rich and full of chocolate flavor. I have to admit that this is not my favorite out-of-the box cake mix but it was fun to make and if you like chocolate you might like this cake.

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