Monday, November 7, 2011

Foodbuzz Content Discussion

Look at this road construction mess near my hotel that I had to maneuver through to get to the Foodbuzz sessions on Saturday morning. I'm so proud of me. Not only did I use the BART like a champ in SF but...

...I also learned how to use the MUNI. This is big for me because I drive everywhere!

I even made it there with time to spare.

Foodbuzz advertised this as a "light" breakfast but look at this spread.

This was the panel for the featured discussion (Taking Your Blog to the Next Level). They gave lots of good advice on how to get your blog "popular". Sounded like a lot of work to me and I already have a full time job. But here is a bullet point list of what they talked about.

       - Develop your own voice and don't try to mimic anyone else as it will be transparent. Be unique and
          put your own spin on it.
       - If you love what you do, you will spend more time on it and it will show. Be passionate about your
          subject matter.
       - Always be yourself.
       - Regarding photos: use natural lighting when possible, Adobe lightroom is a good photo editing
         software, use props to enhance your food photos but only if it helps to tell a story not just as
       - Share stories to engage and create a connection with your readers.
       - Be active on social media resources such as Twitter/Facebook.
       - It takes a lot of time spent and hard work to create a post that looks effortless.

As I said, I already have a job and this is about the extent of how much time I can dump into this hobby. Unless Nike wants to sponsor me! I'm currently a free agent. :)

I met Mama Pea! She is a lovely person and so enviously tall! She squatted down so that I didn't look like such a dwarf next to her.

Mama Pea hand carried her famous dough balls to the session and I had the good fortune of snagging one. Yum!

Next up, what I learned from the DSLR-Free Zone and Effective Social Networking sessions.


Kelly M said...

Weren't those content sessions great? Mamma Pea is so cool (and she makes great dough balls.) So glad to have met you! Let's keep in touch, okay?

Glenn Jones said...

The best thing about SF is that you *don't* need a car. You know - they have a mobile website that you can use to fun out how long until the next mini at your stop. Uses your smartphone and the bus's GPS.

Madison said...

I did find that site with the live updates on the MUNI schedule. It was really cool. They come every 15 minutes anyways so not a big deal if I had missed it.