Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toshi Sushi - Little Toyko (Downtown Los Angeles)

If you are ever in Little Tokyo near downtown LA and you find yourself waiting around for a table at Daikokuya...

...don't bother standing in line for another minute. Just walk down the street a couple of steps to Toshi Sushi...

...for some of the freshest sushi this side of town. Unless you like standing in line or have a massive ramen craving which I totally understand. The ramen craving part not the standing in line part. 

It's very zen inside!

The service was very good!

We all ordered iced green tea. Yes it is as refreshing as it looks.

We noticed that they had manipulated the straw protector into some decorative design. How creative! Sometimes it is the little things that makes a place stand out.

A simple salad that I actually ate. I don't normally eat the complimentary salads at Japanese restaurants because they are always so bland and plain but this one was green, colorful and fresh.

Sister S ordered the teriyaki chicken bento lunch because she was still pregnant at the time and could not eat seafood. 

Ume/cucumber cut roll. If you like crunchy and salty, this is for you. I loved this!

Sushi chef hard at work preparing our lunches. We walked in just as they were opening shop so we were their first customers of the day. 

The brother-in-law ordered the the sashimi plate. I believe this came with a bowl of steamed white rice on the side. Maybe not. I cannot remember. The fish is amazingly fresh here!

Raw squid that came with the BIL's sashimi order. I could not bring myself to try this. Could not!

I ordered the regular chirashi bowl and it was about the most delicious chirashi bowl I've ever had. It was fresh and there was a little bit of almost everything in the fish case. Everything a chirashi bowl should be and more. You really need to try this!

Toshi Sushi
359 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-4166


Keri said...

That iced green tea does look amazing! We just went out for sushi last night. A local sushi place does half price sushi on Wednesday nights and it is a huge hit!

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! Looks like a trip downtown is in the cards. Maybe for the L.A. Auto show?

Is the restaurant air conditioned? Ever been inside Daikokuya during the summer? Can you say sweltering?

Madison said...

I've never been inside the Daikokuya in Little Tokyo but winter is coming up so you won't have to worry about the heat for a couple of months aside from the weird out of season heatwave.