Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Way To My Man's Heart

If you read this blog with any sort of regularity, you will know that I am not the world's best cook. Not even close. I always thought this was strange because my parents are amazing cooks. They rarely go out to eat because they can particularly make every single one of their favorite dishes at home. They only go out or get take out when they are too busy or want to try something new. I wish some of that skill would have gotten transferred to me at birth but I don't think it did.

Last night on the way home from work, I asked my man what he wanted for dinner and as always he never has a clue. Want to know something strange? He actually prefers my cooking over going out to eat. This I will never understand. But the fact that he would rather eat something I cooked for him than something someone else cooked makes me feel like the best cook in the world.

So I made a simple shrimp noodle stir-fry last night. Start with sauteing some veggies over a hot pan.

De-shell, clean and butterfly the shrimp. Then put them in a bowl and mix together with some oil, red pepper flakes and salt/pepper. In a separate pan, also very hot, saute the shrimp until brown. Make sure not to over cook them. These cooked up quick since they were on the small side.

The noodles I used are made from a type of vegetable. I will do a separate post about these noodles soon. I didn't use this exact bag. I used one that was a dry yaki-soba type package.

This is the final product. I was told that I am a great cook! I'm sure you know by who. :)

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