Monday, October 31, 2011

Anime Halloween 2011

We had a pretty low key Halloween party this year, mainly because I had stupidly signed up for a half marathon the next morning and because I am not as good as my sister at organizing these events, plus the baby is a light sleeper and kept my sister pretty busy as of late and she has always been the mastermind behind all these Halloween parties. Plus I ran into a snag with my costume this year. :(

P.S. This pumpkin was carved by this sister

I was suppose to dress up as Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 but at last it was not meant to be. Well I did manage to scrap something together at the last minute to savage my costume but it was far fetched. I had ordered some wigs and hair pieces from Hello Cosplay (an online anime costume shop) many weeks ago in hopes of getting it shipped from China in time for Halloween. The wigs had to be styled, they were not pre-styled. Apparently if you want anything from this website delivered to you in a timely manner you better order it more than a month in advance. Like two months! That's just insane. Three weeks after I placed the order, I emailed them to check when I could be expecting my order and it was at that time that they shipped it out! WTF?!? Oh another thing, there is no phone number on their site so you cannot talk to a live person. Basically, they had forgotten to send my order out until I emailed them and then instead of asking if I still needed the wigs since my party was about to come and go, they quickly sent my order out on the sly and quickly sent me a tracking number. Again WTF?!? I don't need it anymore because the party has come and gone! Baka!!!

So I had to use my own hair, which isn't blue/purple and looks nothing like the character I was suppose to dress up as. :(

At least the food was good! 

The brother-in-law's famous wings! Yeah they are famous! In these parts anyways.

Group photo time! We are so spread out. Group photo fail. Happy Halloween!

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