Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hawaiian Bread French Toast

I set my alarm for 7am last night with the intention of going out for a run this morning but somehow I ended up going back to bed. I'm not too worried as I will likely get a run in tomorrow for sure. Plus this is taper week!

When I finally got up this morning, breakfast was the matter at hand so I quickly went online to look for a simple french toast recipe. I found a recipe for Alton Brown's french toast. This recipe has close to 500 positive reviews AND it was super easy. You only need a couple of ingredients. I had to try it. Had to. Alton suggested using either challah or brioche for this recipe but I didn't have any on hand and neither did the local Ralph's market. For a moment, I thought about just buying a box of Eggo waffles and calling it a day. Then I saw this...

...sweet Hawaiian bread to the rescue! I separated the two halves of the bun and then used a knife to cut off some of the outer crust so that it would absorb the batter better.

About to go in the oven to get crispy.

Overall, I think the Hawaiian bread was a good substitute. Good to know in the event that you cannot find challah or brioche. The Hawaiian bread is a tiny bit sweeter than the recommended breads but I thought it made the dish better. Also, I baked these in the oven for 10 minutes instead of 5. I think I could have left them in there another 5 minutes to make them crispier on the outside. This is also the first time I made a french toast batter with half and half. The batter was custard-like due to the use of 3 eggs in this recipe. The final product was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Make this!


Anonymous said...

You should definitely bring these to the next Ragnar meetup OMG!!!

Madison said...

Prettyfittie: You know I'll hook you ladies up!

Glenn Jones said...

I usually use a regular loaf of King's Hawaiian bread and a pinch of cinnamon too!