Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 172 - Thursday

(Note: I purchased the pistachio and scone the other day from Layer Cakes but I didn't have any other photos from that day so I just threw them into this collage. The macaron was not bad. The scone was pretty terrible. They had so many different macarons, I may have to try them all...hehe)

Breakfast - 9:30am
1/2 cup cooked rolled oatmeal w/ wheatberries, tropical nut mix, roasted pepitas and PB

Midday workout - 12:00pm
Run 6 miles

Snack - 1:30pm
1 Gotein powder drink

Lunch - 2:00pm
Breaded and baked orange roughy w/ veggie cous cous (1/2 serving)

Snack - 4:00pm
1 small peach

Snack - 6:00pm
2 coconut Larabar samples (I love these things) - where can I get more of these sample sizes!
1 medium white peach w/ Tajin

Dinner - 7:00pm - Pomodoro
Penne arrabiatta
1 sip of lemonade

Note: Trying to get back on the train again after SF. I need to drop a couple of pounds in order to run faster I think. Put on some weight from being sick. Still coughing. Went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me some acid reflux meds and some steroids. No, not that kind! :( Anyways, I will take that for a while and hope there are no side affects. He said he didn't know why I was still coughing which worries me. He wrote me a prescription for a chest x-ray and blood work. I am going to have to get those done if this last batch of meds don't cure me. I am now down to a little more than 2 months to train for LB. I've come to realize that BQing at LB is probably not going to happen unless there is a miracle. I am now aiming for 3:50 and maybe try to BQ next year at LA. Overall, I am happy that at least I can still run.

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Nobel4Lit said...

Yep, be happy you can run, unlike me, but I think I'm getting better slowly.