Thursday, September 8, 2011

Silver Sun Alpaca Farm - Santa Ynez, CA

Another thing I've never seen up close and personal before are alpacas! And really how often would someone actually run into an alpaca these days. Their natural habitat is way up in the mountains but they also live here at the Silver Sun Alpaca Farm.

Here I come alpacas!

We were greeted by Buddy! Isn't he the cutest guard dog ever? Okay, he really isn't much of a guard dog but he makes up for it with his cuteness.

Photo credit to Sister K

You know what else are cute...alpacas!

At least I think so.

Photo taken by Sister K.

This one had a really funny hairstyle! And I love his little face. Well, big face. I wonder if my landlord will allow me to keep one as a pet. What's that? Oh right...where would I get the hay to feed it. Point well taken!

This one really liked Sister K. See the size comparison between Sister K and Mr. Alpaca. They are large animals!

They all have their own personalities and hairstyles apparently.

And different colored coats. I love them all.

If you have never touched alpaca fur, you are missing out. It is what I imagine beds in heaven are made of. So soft!

The owner of the farm, Taly Eddington, really nice lady, spins the alpacas' fur into yarn... amazing colors and blends. She is an artist!

I was in yarn heaven. These ones are 100% alpaca fur. SOFT!

This may or may not have came home with me. did these! What can I say, I'm a yarn hoar...der! ;) Now I need to go and dig out my knitting needles. 

Bye guys, I shall return soon!

Silver Sun Alpaca Farm
3030 Baseline Ave
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(805) 637-0637

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I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit at the ranch :)
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