Friday, September 16, 2011

Crush Cakes Cupcakery - Santa Barbara, CA

Crush Cakes is a little cafe/cupcakery located in Santa Barbara and it was where we went to grab a quick bite to eat after our horseback riding adventure last week. If you have ever been horseback riding, you know what an appetite you can work up. Was it just me? I was working my core good, trying not to fall off the horse. So I was quite hungry by the time we made it here for lunch.

So I had read good things about their cupcakes so I was really excited! 

This is the cafe side where you can order breakfast items, custom coffee drinks and salads and sandwiches.

I started with an Arnold Palmer, which is half lemonade and half ice tea. Today's tea was berry flavored. Yum!

M ordered a hot chocolate...pretty!

Other people's food...this was D's order.

This was Sister K's food.

M ordered the Hangover Helper. He must've been hung over from all that horseback riding. @_@

I ordered this tuna melt but I am strange so I asked for no cheese. Not much of a melt was had but believe it or not, this was one amazing tuna sandwich! The balsamic dressing that came with the side salad was the most amazing thing I've had in a long time. I ended up dipping my sandwich in the dressing as well. My plate was completely empty by the time I was done eating. Well except for those two toothpicks. Yes, it was plate licking good. This sandwich is something to write home about!

And this is the Cupcakery side of this restaurant!

I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see cupcakes!

I got a Red Velvet, a Peanut Butter and a Lemon one (for M). Red Velvet and PB are my go-to flavors when trying out a new cupcake place.

I have to say that I didn't care for these cupcakes. They were really sweet and I don't really like it when the frosting is whipped. Can there be such a thing as too much frosting...for me...this is too much. Cake to frosting ratio was off. The PB one went over better but not by much. I guess I'm spoiled or have eaten too many cupcakes to know when I don't like them. Either way, I couldn't finish these and was sad that I had to throw the leftovers out since we were on the move that day. This place has very good reviews on Yelp so maybe it is just me and my finicky taste-buds. If you are ever in Santa Barbara, come here and try them for yourself. Make sure you order something from the cafe side too!

Crush Cakes Cupcakery
1315 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2028
(805) 963-9353

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