Friday, September 16, 2011

Kagetora Ramen at the Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Food Fair (9/15-9/18)

Mitsuwa Hokkaido Food Fair can only mean one thing...a chance to eat a new-to-me ramen! There are only a handful of edible things in life that makes me squeal like a little girl on the inside and ramen is one of those things.

Of course you have your usual Seafood fare...

...and Scallop Cream Stew and Curry Bread. I have to be honest and say that I haven' tried this and I'm not curious. 8->

Obanyaki...there is always a really long line for this and I normally get some but I was not feeling it yesterday. Yummy Japanese dessert!

I came to the Food Fair for this...Kagetora Ramen! They are visiting this weekend only. They took over the Hawaiian Loft stall...hehe! No spam masubi today!

Two options, Miso...Spicy or Regular. 

Same price...always high!

Regular Miso.

The Spicy Miso! What can I say, I liked it! It was good all around. No complaints. Think noodles that were cooked just right and the broth was flavorful and spicy enough. The single slice of pork was leaner than what you would normally find in other bowls but I liked it. The bamboo shoots were not as good as the ones from Santouka but it was fine. It was a good bowl. I wouldn't mind having another one. Maybe I will! Go try this before they leave. It is a must!

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