Thursday, September 15, 2011

Perfect Strangers

Remember that show? I do! I use to watch it pretty religiously. I probably wouldn't watch it today if it were a new show but it kept my young self entertained. There is just something funny enough about a guy named Balki from the island called Mypos. I don't know...maybe I liked it because it sounds like "meatballs". Maybe I like meatballs.

I'm telling you all this because somewhere between an email from this gal a couple of weeks ago to me telling you this story now, I somehow ended up joining a Ragnar team for the SoCal 2012 Ragnar with a group of local ladies that I've never met in real life before. You in "perfect strangers". This is a big step for me because I have "stranger danger" fears.

Sarah did a marvelous job putting that post/roster together and honestly I couldn't have have done it better myself. Plus I have no time! :(

As of now, I believe that we are still taking suggestions for a team name. Go over to Sarah's blog to enter your suggestion and win a prize.

The Ragnar SoCal 2012 race will be my second Ragnar. I did the 2010 SoCal race with some co-workers. It's been a while but I seem to remember having a good time. I even wrote up some tips. I'm looking forward to this and will try my best to chronicle this journey to the best of my abilities. Do you trust my abilities? Don't answer that!

I didn't blog yesterday due to busy-ness. Regular blogging will resume next week hopefully. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet about getting my Spinning Certification this weekend. Yes, it's true! I'll post about that next week as well.

Last night I made more cookie brownies. If you are keeping count, that will be twice in one week. :)

I also ate from the Lime Truck twice this week. They have this amazing Ultimate taco made with shredded pork that they cook for 10 hours. Ten hours people!

And because a photo is worth a thousand words...

...Seafood Ceviche...

...and a Lychee Limade. More lychee please! I love me some lychee but I could hardly taste it in this. Maybe put some actual lychees in the drink? Please? No?

Okay, gotta go...I'll be back soon I hope!

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Ria said...

That lychee limade looks so good! I got thirsty all of a sudden!