Saturday, September 3, 2011

Disneyland Half Marathon Expo - 2011

I started my day with some coffee out of my favorite mug! It was so fitting on the eve of the Disneyland Half Marathon. I am headed to the expo today to pick up my race packet.

Lower level for bib. Upper level for shirt and the expo.

One time over the verification mat to make sure that my B-Tag was in working order.

Just like this...haha!

Mid size expo. Not too crowded. Sorry for the blurriness.

Race shirt!

I think I like last year's medal better but this one is pretty cool too!

Did someone lose a glass slipper running shoe? 

I went into the Disneyland hotel for a bit to check out the inside. 

I saw this pretty mural and decided that I am going to run with my camera know so that I can take a photo of the real thing. ;)

Kappa Ramen was down the street from Disneyland but unfortunately they have been closed for business for a couple of weeks now. :(

Lucky #995. It's go time! See you from Corral A.

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Monika said...

Good luck on the race today! My fave pic you took is the one of pluto checking his D-tag. haha.