Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wood Ranch Restaurant & Cinnamon Productions

Last weekend it rained. Not as much as the weather channel said it was going to but it still rained. I went out to dinner anyways. It was pouring. I was hungry. I had a little flimsy umbrella. But I made it.

Mmmm, BBQ Sauce.

I ordered the family favorite, the Natalie's Salad. I call it the family favorite because that is what my sisters and I always order when we come here.

This bread is just da bomb. That's all I have to say about this.

Ok, it is so good it deserves another photo. The thing is served warm with garlic butter all over it. I mean just look at it. 

My date's meal. He loves meat. That carnivore!

Ok, you caught me, I'm a carnivore too. But rarely...just like this meat.

This place was next door. I saw it while waiting for our table. I was intrigued.

I handed the table buzzer to my date and heading over to investigate. 

Just as I suspected, it smelled like cinnamon inside. It was full of big cakes...

...and little cakes. And cinnamon rolls, which is not a cake but who cares.

I walked out with a red velvet cupcake and a lemon bar for my date. He tells me he doesn't like lemon bars. Since when? This is news to me because this is the same guy who once said he loves ALL lemon dessert. Apparently not lemon bars. Noted!

He suggests we wrestle for the cupcake. He weighs twice as much as me. I passed. I was feeling generous so I shared.

Cupcake was good. The frosting was heavenly. That's all you need to know. He ended up eating the lemon bar too. He later tells me that no dessert goes unharmed around these parts.

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Restaurant
22352 El Paseo
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
(949) 888-1100

Cinnamon Productions
22342 El Paseo # I
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
(949) 459-7900

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