Thursday, February 24, 2011


As the title suggests, this will be a simple post. Simple because I've been lazy as heck to post. I do have some photos to share.

Sister K recently got one of those fancy schmancy cameras, so naturally I borrowed it and got all up in Meowmie's face to get this photo. She is a lovely cat! Thank you Meowmie for letting me do this and not scratching my eyes out. Thank you!

Here are my mom's eggrolls. They are so delicious! You can look but you cannot taste. Life is unfair sometimes.

Sister K took this photo of Teddy. Yes, it is my duty in life to post as many Teddy photos as possible. 

This is Teddy's worse nightmare. Just look at that distressed face. Did I forget to brush my teeth? 

That's it! I'm a lazy bum. The End.

1 comment:

Nobel4Lit said...

Wow, that up-close Meowmie is really cool!

The Teddy on your leg is actually really cute, too!