Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tea House at Los Rios - San Juan Capistrano, CA

This post is a bit long because I am combining what I think should be two separate posts into one. Somehow the story and restaurant review is just better done together.

Down towards the southern part of Orange County lies a very charming little town can San Juan Capistrano. Most people in the area just call it San Juan. The Amtrak line runs right through the center of this small town with it's small little shops and businesses.

The train actually stops at the Historic District of San Juan called Los Rios. It is a really cute little area. I didn't realize a place like this even existed until I saw it from the train one day. I knew I had to come back and walk around. Unfortunately, it took me about two years to finally visit this place.

I love these directional signs. 

Los Rios is a very rustic (in a very good way) little street. The last time I was there they were in the middle of construction of a little park with seating areas. That was two years ago so I am betting that the area is probably done by now. I should probably make a visit to check it out. The area is also full of pretty flowers and there is also a nursery and petting zoo.

This is the Tea House Restaurant on Los Rios. You can't really tell from this photo but the post the teapot sign is hanging on is decorated with broken pieces of tea cups/plates.

The entrance into the tea house. 

So the reason I finally visited Los Rios was because I had planned my sister's bridal shower at the Tea House. It was such a fun day. This was one of the party decor item I put together. She had selected a Tiffany's wedding theme.


This was the bridal shower party was filled with Godiva chocolates!

I had the cake shop make the cake in the shape of a Tiffany's box. They did a nice job!

We all wore sundresses, pearls and feathery hats to "girly" up the experience. Oh wait, that was just me and maybe Sister K. I, for one, have to try extra hard to be girly.

Here is a close up of the cake. It was red velvet cake. Really good cake.

I just love those cute teapot cozies.

This was the bride-to-be. Isn't she cute?

I love everything about the afternoon tea experience. I even took this photo of the tea strainer because it was so cool looking.

Here is the afternoon tea set. I must say that the fruit and sandwiches left much to be desired. There was nothing really special about the sandwiches. They were really bland and the fruit could have been so much more.

The star of this show was the scone. They are served warmed. They are buttery and really large in size. They are also heart-shaped. The scones are available in either plain or currant. Both really good.

The tea menu wasn't particularly large but I like that in a menu because it can get confusing with too many choices. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like a lot of tea choices and sometimes I don't. This place has a smaller tea menu.

Overall, this is a really cute area to hang out with a group of girlfriends, sisters or a cute place to take your mom for Mother's Day or birthday. Like I mentioned it has lots of flowers everywhere and is very rustic. If you are in the area, go to the Tea House for tea and scones but skip the sandwiches. 

The Tea House on Los Rios
31731 Los Rios
Los Rios Historic District
San Juan Capistrano, CA
(949) 443-3914
Closed Mon & Tues

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