Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Surf City Half Marathon - Race Recap

Date: February 6, 2011
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Start: 7:45am (wave start)
Finish: 02:01:22

Pre-race commentary: This will be my 4th year running this race. I am a legacy runner which only means I get a little trinket every year I continuously run this race. That's not the reason I keep coming back year after year. Here is the reason...

Well, also the course is relatively flat and you get to run on the PCH which may or may not be interesting at times. It was interesting when I ran it during a heavy rain storm one year, not so much on other years when you are essentially running a straight out-and-back.

Post race commentary: Well, I did it! Despite just coming back from the flu, I went out there to run the Surf City Half Marathon for the 4th year in a row. I felt weird the entire time as I was hopped up on cough syrup. I can't say that I am proud of my time but it was good enough for not having ran much these past 3 weeks or so. It was a great day for a race though. It was nice and cool and overcast for most of the course. The race organizers were really organized this year and for me at least, everything went so smoothly. I wished that I was feeling better because it was definitely PR conditions. Oh well, maybe next year. So here are some photos to recap my weekend.

Here I am at the Expo on Saturday to pick up my bib.

Here is this year's design for the reusable tote they handed out along with your bib and race shirt.

To the left is the half marathon race shirt design and to the right is the Longboard Legacy Club shirt they hand out each year if you are a legacy runner (having ran 3 Surf City Half or Fulls consecutively)

They also give you this small sticker to attach to your medal. 

I partook in some retail therapy. I didn't buy anything though. :)

And you know I wanted too...

But I did walk pass this booth and saw these...

And then I did the unspeakable and signed up for this... 

Here's Teddy and the little sign he used to cheer me on. 

Here I am on race morning. I got there around 6:30am, used the beach restroom and then played video games while I waited in the car for the race to start. It was awesome! I was in the third wave so I had to make my way pass many many people but even that went pretty smoothly. For being such a large race, it was so smooth! You Surf City organizers rock! The volunteers ROCKED as well! Thank you Volunteers! You were amazing! So quick and friendly. There was water, sports drinks, and Sharkies ready to be handed out.

Post race snacks. Already packaged to be handed out. Quick! I love it! There was also a fig newton packet in there but I ate it! :)

Teddy says that running is hard work! That's why he is a model only. 

This was the only photo I could find that even shows me at all. Brightroom, you failed!


Nobel4Lit said...

This was a great post! Kind of jealous that they made the shirt blue this year... I have a million of the white ones. Oh well. Glad everything went smoothly. From behind the scenes, it seemed REALLY crazy!

Though I'm a little sad that I missed such perfect conditions, that only gets me more excited for the next one. I'm sure you'll be all back to normal before then!!

Glenn Jones said...

All things considered - outstanding run Madison! I drove by the expo on Saturday and saw the line outside. Wow....