Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Window Shopping

I had some time today so I decided to do a little "window shopping" during my lunch break. It was a nice overcast day today, until it started to sprinkle.

Must be nice to just swim around all day.

I stopped in at the Nike Store but didn't spend too much time here because I was making a beeline somewhere else. Hehe.

I could totally see myself in this dress. Unfortunately, my wallet does not agree with me.

Window display of my favorite store that I have yet to buy anything from. I just haven't found the right piece to dump all my money on.

Juicy fashion. I don't think any of this would look good on me.

I like the yellow dress.

I have a thing for sheath dresses. (sorry again for the discoloration in this photo)

Not sure why but these colors remind me of the 70s.

I don't think I could fit one arm in the pant leg of those white jeans but I like them.

So I admit that I was headed to Lululemon all along. I was looking for something to wear for the LA Marathon. I purchased 2 tank tops but could not find a photo of them on the website. Maybe I will do a running clothes post tomorrow. You can help me pick my LA Marathon outfit.

Speaking of running clothes. Why doesn't any one make a running type shrug? I have Nike arm sleeves but my shoulders are also cold. What about them? Doesn't anyone care about cold shoulders? Sometimes it is just not cold enough to wear a long sleeve shirt but too cold to wear short or sleeveless tops. Especially if you run early in the morning. Those first couple of miles can be chilly. I think a shrug would be a good solution because you can take it off easily without pulling it over your head which is not easy to do if you are running. I'm just sayin'.

I took ballet for fun a few years ago and have some ballet shrugs. Maybe I will try that out this coming weekend to see how it works out.


Runeatrepeat said...

Nina's Grocery is the place to get Indian Food :) They have a couple different locations under different names too!

Glenn Jones said...

Hey! I know where that place is!