Saturday, December 3, 2011

From Biking to Cupcake

Well I didn't go running this morning. Believe it or not my legs have been sore since Wednesday from doing wall-balls. I did about 150 reps using a 4-pound ball and I had a hard time walking down the stairs for the next two days. I haven't ran since Monday. So today, I took my bike out of the garage for the first time in a very long time. It had cobwebs all over it and I think it needs to be oiled. It was really windy and cold today but I managed to get in 17 miles.

Biking always makes me really hungry, so when I got home I ate some leftover chicken salad that I made the other night with some chopped apples, celery, chicken, walnut and light mayo. I had not blogged about this meal because I did not have time, plus this dish is pretty self explanatory. I made this dish as a challenge from Sister K. She challenged me to turn our Thanksgiving leftover chicken breast meat into a totally different meal. Challenge accepted! I got raves from the Mister for this salad. Now it it all gone!

A couple of hours later, we went out for a proper lunch at Side Street Cafe. I ordered the Lunch Special, which is soup and half of a sandwich. The soup of the day was Split Pea. This is my first split pea soup...ever! And I loved it! Nice chunks of carrots and ham but it would have been good all on it's own. The sandwich was just okay. I went with the Club which had turkey, ham and bacon. The bacon was good but I took out the ham and turkey because the ham was cold and the shredded turkey was really dry.

And since we were in the area we stopped by Susie Cakes where their bakers were busy bringing the holidays to life. Yummy edible life!

I did something unheard of, I got a mini instead of a regular size cupcake. I'm trying to be good. This was heavenly. It is just perfection!

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Glenn Jones said...

Boo hiss!!! A mini cupcake? I would have ridden the extra couple miles....