Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five Favs 12/30

I'm getting somewhat regular with these Friday Five Favorites postings. So these 5 things are what I'm loving this week.

1) Gummy Vitamins - don't know why I haven't tried them until now. Perhaps it was the sugar content that I was concerned about but these things make taking vitamins a boat load of fun and deliciousness!

2) Pie-In-A-Jar - this was a homemade gift from Sister K's bf and I have to say that it is one of the most unique gifts I've gotten in a long time. I really love when people make things for me because it truly is so much more meaningful. Speaking of, I have to show you these gloves that Youngest Sister K made for me, maybe next Friday. She is a really talented teenage crocheter. This pie spoke to my love of creative gifts as well as my inner foodie. Plus, it is so cute on the inside!

3) Froggy Bag Clips - so I really love these froggy bag clips. They are adorable and I had needed some so badly. Cute and functional, I love it so much!

4) The Spicy Shrimp and Squid dish at Thai Cafe in Irvine - I ordered this dish for the first time recently and am in love with it! 

5) Giada's Holiday Biscottis recipe - this recipe using pistachios and cranberries was not only festive but it was pretty delicious! I am never happy with how my baked goods turn out but these I would make again. 


Glenn Jones said...

That pie in a jar thingy is a great idea! Also - Thai Cafe in Irvine huh? I'm always looking for good Thai food.

Well, I think you can see where my once again found desire to exercise is taking me.....

Nobel4Lit said...

Glad you liked the froggies.

And I ate that pie in a jar... sooo good!

Madison said...

J: the froggy clips were from you? Haha, didn't even know. Thanks! They are great!