Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peppermint Themed Luncheon

I went to a luncheon yesterday. It was quite a treat to sit down to a leisurely lunch on a work day. On most days I teach spin during lunch so I eat lunch on the fly. Not today. Today I dined in style! The luncheon had a peppermint theme.

The appetizer was a trio of seared scallop w/ heirloom tomato puree, spinach and candy cane beet salad, and I selected the sea bass for my main entree...and dessert!

Cute! This was a dark chocolate and peppermint torte.

One of the pastry chefs did a salt water taffy demo and made some candy cane taffy. I've never had freshly made taffy before so this was a real treat and it was delicious!

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