Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinner At My Sister's

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my sister and she cooked me dinner. What's special about this dinner was that this was the first meal she was able to cook having just bounced back from having a baby.

She made some stir-fry vegetables and her modified 3-cup chicken. She got the original recipe online somewhere but have since changed it to suit her taste. It is called 3-cup chicken because you use 1 cup each of Sesame Oil, Rice Cooking Wine and Black Soy Sauce. So that makes a whole lotta sauce. So what you can do is modify it like my sister did and combine these three items in equal parts to make just 1 cup of sauce. That is plenty of sauce by the way. It is salty so you don't need a lot unless you are cooking for an entire army.

Just chop up some chicken into bite size chunks. You can use breast or thigh meat. This here is some chicken thigh meat. Heat up some cooking oil and throw the chicken in first. When the chicken is half way cooked, throw in some chopped garlic and a couple of pieces of sliced ginger (make sure you don't finely chop the ginger so that you can take it out after the cooking, unless you really like eating ginger, not me) and saute until brown. Continue to brown the chicken and when done, pour in the 1 cup of sauce.

Let it simmer for about 15 minutes and add some chopped basil at the last five minutes of cooking. It should look like this.

Vegetable stir-fry to go with the chicken dish. 

Heat up some oil, throw in some chopped garlic and saute until slightly brown and throw in all the vegetables and saute until soft. Add some oyster sauce to taste.

This is what it looks like. I am writing up the direction for this based on observation as my sister was cooking. If I missed anything, I apologize.

My sister is old "skool" so it's always white rice at her house. When I bring the brown stuff around, she kicks me out of her house. :D 

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