Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Party One of Four

I've had a really crazy week at work so when Friday came around I was so happy. Last night was the first of some holiday parties that I will be attending this month. I needed a hair cut. I found Heather Cha. This is Heather's work. It's my hair but she did such a great job that it doesn't even look like my hair. Heather is an artist. No, really, she is. She majored in art but decided that her passion was hair. She is amazing at what she does. Go see her over at Salon Victoria in Irvine. She did not bribe me to say these things. I just know how difficult it is to find a good hairstylist so I am saving you some trouble.

Haha, company parties, they all basically look like this. I guess a lot of big dinner events look similar. 

I came for the food! It was average. I had the halibut. I always have beef but decided to try something new. Let's never try something new again. Just kidding. But seriously, I didn't like the halibut. Sad. The best part of this meal was dessert. Obviously! But this was a Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart. It was awesome. Period.

My date and I in sepia. :) 

And me in living color. :) I didn't have time to go and find a new dress so I wore something I already had in my closet.

One down and three more to go. Now I need to wrap this up and go out for a run! It is long run Saturday.

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giraffy said...

Pretty hair! Pretty dress!!