Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CRU - A Vegan and Raw Restaurant - Silverlake, CA

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I came here for my birthday? Well I am finally getting around to writing a review for Cru. My sisters sure surprised me when they took me here on my birthday because I guess they were unaware of how badly my diet has been. I was really excited to try this place out and was hoping that it would inspire me to eat healthy again. Cru is located in Silverlake, for reference, it is pretty close to the Griffith Observatory. How can I describe Silverlake? Let's see, it is a hippy and eclectic neighborhood and the people who live there are for the most part friendly and health conscience. There were lots of healthy restaurants and funky little bars and shops around this restaurant. I am not a frequent visitor to this area but these were some of the things I noticed based on this trip alone. The inside is not that big so make sure you make a reservation if you are planning to eat here during regular meal hours or on weekends. They don't have a waiting area so you will be waiting outside if you don't plan ahead. There are quite a few celebrities who like to hang out in Silverlake, so you may see one if you pay attention. We actually saw one of the actors from the show Sons of Anarchy on this visit. In regards to the food, it is delicious and I really enjoyed all the dishes we ordered. I got a green juice which I've had many times before so of course I loved it. My sisters and I all ordered the Mushroom Risotto and this was a real treat for me because I normally cannot eat risotto because it is made with cream. This vegan version was awesome. I wished I had more room in my stomach to order other dishes to try. The boys went with the Ravioli Cruda which was also pretty delicious. If you are ever in the Silverlake area, make sure you swing by this place because they have some rockin' vegan/raw eats. I liked it alot! Thank you to Sister K for finding this place and everyone that came out to celebrate my birthday with me. I'm a lucky gal.

Green Juice: Spinach, Apple, Ginger and Cucumber Juice $6
Raw Bruschetta $8
Bruschetta: Sunflower flatbread and herbed cashew cheese w/ tomato and basil
Ravioli Cruda $15 - Cashew cheese stuffed jicama ravioli in an herbed tomato sauce w/ wilted arugula
Mushroom Risotto $13 (w/ fig cranberry reduction and mixed baby greens)

1521 Griffith Park Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 667-1551

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