Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Time to sit back and unwind! ~ Fresh Prince

So sitting back and unwinding are probably two things I won't be doing too much of this choice.

One of the things I will likely be doing is cross-training on the X-Box playing Dance Central 2. Okay, so I don't really think DC-2 is cross-training as it pertains to running but it is a fun way to burn some extra calories. I came across this write-up comparing the calorie burn of running and dancing. I'm not too concerned about the calorie burn aspect as I am about learning to dance. This girl needs to find her rhythm cause it's no where in sight.


I am also doing a spin challenge with my spin class in July and August. H'up h'up!


Another thing I will be spending my summer doing is going to track more regularly. I went again this morning. I know, who am I? I did six sets of 800s again, just to see if there is actually something with this track thing. Apparently, there is. I know, who knew! I guess everyone else but me. I noticed that my pacing is evening out a bit more and it felt easier than last week. So I guess I will continue to do this.

In running related news as it pertains to me, I've signed up for the CIM on December 2nd! It will be my fall "A" race. I want to prepare myself enough to go out there and run a strong race. I've also never been to Sacramento before so I hope the restaurants in that area will be ready for my visit! I heard that Pam, Heather and Becka are also coming to play! Speaking of...Heather will be running her FIRST marathon ever this weekend at Rock n Roll Seattle!! Go and tell her that she's got this because she does!!

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Monika said...

I'm running CIM! See you there!