Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back On Track

I went to track this morning. Can you believe it? I can't. I had wanted to go yesterday with OUAL and FasterBunny for TPT but I've been having a hard time getting out of bed early lately. Okay, who am I kidding...always. I've always had this problem.

I wasn't looking forward to doing this on my own but the bright side is that I didn't have to eat anyone's dust. I'm always picking up the rear. Eating-Dust is my middle name.

There is a track about a mile from my work which makes it the most perfect track in the world because jogging there is my warm-up and jogging back is my cool-down. Perfect. The only down side is that during track season it can get crowded or the track becomes off limits but the worse would have to be when the track athletes makes your 800s look like you're standing still. Yeah.


Speaking of 800s, I did some this morning. Six of them with a 2 minute recovery in between. One uglier than the last. I was dealing with some shin splints that just wouldn't quit. I'm really rusty to say the least. Hopefully, it will be better next week.

Set 1 - 3:18
Set 2 - 3:32
Set 3 - 3:43
Set 4 - 3:46
Set 5 - 3:40
Set 6 - 3:38


Unknown said...

great job Madison!! keep it up k?! you'll def. get faster & fitter my friend! :) :)


chacha said...

I detest 800s! The few times coach made me race it in high school, I was barely cracking 3:00. Meanwhile the fastest girls were 2:30 and better.