Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Wet & Wild 5K - Race Recap

Date: June 16, 2012
Location: Soak City (Knott's Berry Farm), Buena Park, CA
Start: 7:30am
Finish: 56:33

I had not planned on being at this event but due to a bib becoming available at the last minute, I decided to scrap my long run on Saturday morning to spend some time with some Ragnar van mates. That ended up being one of the best decisions ever!

Despite knowing that I had to get up early the next morning to get to the race, I still spend Friday night playing on my XBox for many many hours. That may not have been the best decision.

Race morning packet pickup area. It was organized chaos over at the shirt pickup area for some reason. The volunteers were hustling and bustling to get the correct sized shirts to everyone. It just looked crazy but the lines were moving pretty fast.

So I got to Knott's way too early because I was worried about the long lines to get into the parking lot, like for the Snoopy race last year but somehow they managed to correct that issue so I ended up with lots of time on my hands once I parked. I walked around a bit and finally ran into Heather and Shannon. Julie, Julie's brother and her friend Jane joined up shortly after that. If these names sound familiar to you, that's because Heather, Shannon and Julie were some of my van mates from when we did Ragnar SoCal back in April. I guess you can say that we are friends now because I still like them even after spending many hours in a stinky van with them. Plus, just look at how sparkly, colorful and adorable they are.

Just to warn you, this post is photo intensive. I love taking photos and my girls were dressed so cute that I could not help myself. It started with this one. Innocent enough. 

Believe it or not, we did run...

...from one photo op... the next.

So this is just one of the reasons why I love these ladies. They are just so freakin' fun!

So much fun, it should be out-lawed.


The others will never tell you but I'll say's exhausting to look this cute.

I told them that there would be refreshments at the finish line but they told me it could be ages before we got there so they decided to see if they could get Becka or Sandy to bring us a pizza. 

Entering Soak City...

...are you ladies trying to let me know how warm the water is?


The final stretch! 

Refueling at Hof's Hut afterward. Another good decision.

Skipping the dessert case. Bad decision.

Best decision ever!


Monika said...

I need your hello kitty knee socks!! :)

giraffy said...

We are the best.

I'm totally stealing some of your pictures.

Anonymous said...

We're totally absurd. We need to do another run!