Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Goes On

Yesterday due to my current foot injury I did not go on my Saturday long run. It always feels weird when I don't go on my long run on Saturdays. Lately, I've had lots of extra free time on my hands since I haven't been using it to run. I can't say that I've been using that time wisely. I can say that I've been devoting more time to spinning, rowing and doing some cross-fit workouts. I am going to take another couple of days off from running and then reassess my foot situation at that time. Eee gads!

I spent yesterday running errands. This was lunch.

I went to check out a cross-fit gym with M. It was hardcore in there. It was refreshing to see so many strong girls in there doing pull-ups and lifting heavy weights. Not sure if it is my thing but who knows.

I got my brows threaded. This place at the Irvine Spectrum was pretty good. 

Today I drove up to Santa Barbara on business. It's was a beautiful day! Can't tell you how much I wanted to go running. So bad!

I went to Olio E Limone for dinner. I had wanted to eat here the last time I was in town for the Santa Barbara Marathon but they were booked up so we ended up eating next door at their sister restaurant, a pizzera.

Even before I arrived into town, I knew I wanted to eat at Olio E Limone. Once I was seated at the restaurant, I knew what I wanted to eat. Spaghetti Allo Scoglio, it is a spaghetti dish with Dungeness crab meat in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with a giant prawn. It was perfect!

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