Thursday, February 9, 2012

Year of the Dragon

I've been so busy running races these past few weekends that I nearly forgot to blog about the Lunar New Year that came and went on January 23rd this year. My parents tell me that they use to celebrate the Lunar New Year in a big way when they use to live in Vietnam. The day before the Lunar New Year was a day of  renewal (cleaning the house from top to bottom). This included bathing and grooming as you were not to bathe, groom or clean on New Years Day. The act of washing, cutting/shaving or sweeping symbolized washing, cutting or sweeping their luck for the year out the door. Not how you want to start a new year.

My parents say that it is different here in the states. The Lunar New Year is just like any other day. We don't even get a day off of work. In Asia, almost everyone takes off at least a week to welcome the new year. Now that's what I call a party!  

My parents are amazing cooks! The Lunar New Year feast they prepare each year is always a button buster. It's like Thanksgiving in a way. Wear your comfy pants to the table. Colorful, bold, flavorful dishes each symbolizing health, wealth and prosperity! Some tasty symbols if you ask me.

Our family traditionally go out to have dim sum on New Years Day and it was no exception this year. I love me some dim sum.

A lot of red! The color of good luck as it is rumored to frighten away evil spirits. I took these photos at the Lunar New Year Festival in Monterey Park (CA) on January 21.

Lots of street food vendors were there. I wonder what he is cooking up?

Yum! Grilled seafood on a stick. Too bad I had just eaten prior to coming to this festival, else I would've been all over those squid tentacles on a stick.

A calligrapher writing up some spring couplets to be hung outside one's home for good fortune. Yeah I'll take a hundred of those, please! Need all the fortune I can get. Happy year of the Dragon!

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that food looks GREAT!! made me hungry!! :)

Hope you have a blessed, properous, successful 2012!! :)

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