Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rockin' and Rollin'

Today I drove up to the beautiful city of Pasadena to pick up my bib for the Rock n Roll Pasadena Half Marathon tomorrow. I make it sound like it was some major haul and it was but my family actually lives not too far from here so I am in this area more often than I am letting on. The expo was held inside the Pasadena Convention Center which was a very nice place for being one of the smaller convention centers I've been in. I parked across the street at the Paseo Shopping Plaza's underground parking which made my quick trip very convenient.

After picking up my bib and shirt, I walked around the expo for a bit and ate a bunch of samples. I love samples! I have commitment issues so sampling is right up my alley. Yeah, Costco is my Disneyland. So the other thing that I was dying to see was the course elevation. I tried to find it when I first signed up for this race but it was not available at the time and even a couple of weeks ago I was not able to find it anywhere online so it was good to finally see it today. Looks hilly but I had expected it to be since I've ran around the Rose Bowl before. Good thing I got some hill training in.

Here's what came in the swag bag. It was pretty pitiful. One GU and that packet of Dole snack. I picked up that coconut water myself at one of the booths. I like the shirt. I'm wearing it tomorrow. It's only February and this is already my fourth race. Luckily, after this one I get a month off from racing to concentrate on my LA Marathon training. I don't know how I am going to be feeling tomorrow as I am still amidst my GI episode but I am ready to run. I am blessed for every day that I am able to go out there and give it my all. Here's to #26!

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