Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Fitness and Personal Goals and Happy New Year!

They say that the end of the world is coming. In 2012! That's like this year. Already? Wow! I haven't dined at the French Laundry yet, the end can't be near! Why even bother with anything let alone making resolutions? Well you're gonna look pretty stupid when the day comes and nothing happens and you've already quit your job, emptied your bank account, ate nothing but Twinkies all year and haven't bathe since 12/31/2011...that or the world actually comes to an end. Either way you're screwed so let's get on with the resolutions making. Chop chop!

Here are mine! I feel like this list should include things like "buying a lambo or finally putting in the biggest closet in the world in my huge mansion."

Fitness Goals:
1) Run more miles in 2012 than in 2011. I ran 1,117 miles in 2011.
2) Run a 3:40 marathon. Hefty hefty goal for me.
3) Run a 10K race. Beat PR of 50:10.
4) Run a half marathon in the 1:30s
5) Run another trail race.
6) Bike outside more
7) Attempt 100 Push program again
8) Go to yoga at least once a month

Personal Goals:
1) Stop swearing/cussing. I'm setting up a "swear jar" to remind myself of this goal.
2) Volunteer
3) Recycle more - I already practice recycling but I'll do a little more.
4) Eat less processed food
5) Find ways to stress less
6) Try to survive the end of the world! Another hefty hefty goal. I'm going to head over to my sister's. She has a zombie survival kit just like this one. Everyone should have one. Everyone. Happy New Year!!!




giraffy said...

First rule of surviving zombies: cardio.

I'm running Race at the Base 2/25 - they have a 5k and 10k, pretty cheap, and super flat course. Run Racing is managing the race this year!

And I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a 10k at Caspers wilderness park 3/25. I've hiked the trail and it's beautiful in the spring...

Madison said...

Heather: I've always wanted to do the Race on the Base but it always fall on a weekend when I have my last scheduled 20 mile training run for the LA Marathon so I always miss it. Maybe I can reshuffle some stuff around.

SJ said...

Awesome! Again, I look forward to following your training and seeing you obliterate at your goals! :-)

SJ said...

oops, I meant "obliterate your goals" heh

Madison said...

SJ: thanks for the words of encouragement!

Deval Patel said...

Yes I have always wanted to do the Race
Because I Want To BE Fit In year 2012
Because this is the good race for new year 2012 Wallpaper .