Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That Time I DNS

I wasn't sure how to write up this post but here goes.

It finally happened...my first DNS. I didn't see it coming. I had every intention of completing this race the day before but on race morning I woke up feeling extremely tired. I did my normal pre-race routine. I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, stretched a bit but my motivation level to get dress and go to the starting line was zero. I've only had this feeling once but I still ended up going to that race. It wasn't pretty but I still went. Anyhow, I'm a little bit disappointed in myself that I didn't just suck it up and go. I wasn't sick or anything. I just felt fatigued. I keep telling myself that I did just ran a marathon last weekend but that did very little in providing any sort of comfort to myself at all. The only comfort I can extract out of this experience is that I listened to my body and did what I felt was right for my recovery and performance at my future races.

Aside from the DNS thing, I otherwise had an amazing weekend hanging out with my family down in San Diego. The most fun being playing with my niece at the San Diego Zoo!


Jennifer K. said...

I've had that happen. Usually if I go as far as throwing the race fees away, it's because I'm sick, but there have been times I just didn't feel like doing it. No biggie.

How do you put your pics together in a collage like that? Is it other software or does Blogspot let you do that? I'm so inept with pictures!

Madison said...

Jennifer K: I use the collage tool in Picasa.

Nobel4Lit said...

You've got a big race to psych yourself up for, so missing this one is probably no biggie. It was just yucky chocolate, haha.

The zoo is perfect for her main interests in life.