Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Return of Long Run Saturdays

Since my fall race training started last week, so has the return of long run Saturdays. I got up really early this morning to get it done before the sun decides to roast me like a marshmallow. Let's pretend this is me, except I don't look anything close to this cute or serene in the morning. I basically look like a sleepy nightmare. That' why I'm using this photo.

I drove to the Back Bay hoping that it would be cooler there for my 9-miles but it was still pretty warm at 71 degrees that early in the morning. I don't mind the heat so much but the humidity is just something I am not use to. I started feeling moisture on my arms 5 minutes into the run. By the time I was done around 8am it was already 81 degrees and I was dripping with sweat. I looked like I had walked under a waterfall. Man, that would have been nice. Plus, somehow I decided to take a shortcut which turned into a long-cut that added 2 more miles onto my run. I was just glad that I found my way back onto the main path before it turned my 9 miles into 20. I'm terrible with directions and that could have actually happened.

After my run and a shower, I went to the farmers market to pick up some produce for the week. I am planning on baking a zucchini bread soon. I was hoping to do it this weekend but I could not find any pre-ripen avocados so now I have to wait. Waiting is the hardest part. Also, if you like grapes they are coming into season and they are sweet and juicy. I wanted to take a photo of all the different varieties of grapes that were at the farmers market today but I was sweaty and cranky and got there too late so everyone and their relatives were there and I just wanted out. Maybe next time.

I also picked up these Hydrangeas for M's mom's birthday. I don't know the women at all. She doesn't like anything I get her. She is probably going to hate these.

Lastly, while I was driving to work last week I drove passed a street in Irvine that was taped off and crawling with police vehicles. I knew it was something bad because they never tape off the streets unless there was a death. Apparently, a girl was found dead in the trunk of her car on that street. Officials are saying that it is a suicide but it seems very suspicious to me. I've been following along with the story because I think there is more to it than what they are saying in the media. It is all very sad since she just gave birth a couple of months ago and investigators are saying that postpartum psychosis may have caused her death. This whole thing just reminds me of that girl who was killed at Harvard and then stuffed into the wall of her workplace. I just think there is more to this.

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Glenn Jones said...

That is a big problem with the Back Bay. I think if you run in the road there are places that are shielded from the wind too which makes it more unbearable. Way time get the miles in!