Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 OC Fair 5K - Race Recap

Date: August 5, 2012
Location: OC Fairgrounds - Costa Mesa, CA
Start: 7:30am
Finish: 23:49

I signed up for this 5K at the last minute earlier this week when a couple of people from my spin class informed me that they had signed up. Then on Friday night I saw a tweet about the The Boring Runner's Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K virtual race...I had forgotten to sign up until I saw that tweet. I thought it was a lucky coincidence that everything sort of fell in place for this race. Not only do I get to run this race with some spin peeps but  perhaps maybe even win a nice prize from The Boring Runner.

I haven't ran a 5K since last October at Chapman. I'm not a very fast runner so shorter distance races are tough for me but I had a lot of fun.

I arrived at the fairgrounds around 6:30am and on my way to use the restroom, I heard someone call my name from the line of cars coming into the parking lot. It was Pam. We ran into each other again near the registration table and Pam taught me some warm-up moves which were great because my legs felt relaxed the whole time I was running. Pam is amazing! She finished second female!

Photo credit to Pam

Me and a couple of gals from spin class.

The course was pretty flat and weaved in and around the fairgrounds. I liked it a lot. Plus, you get a pretty medal at the end and a free ticket to the OC Fair. You know I'll be back there soon for my turkey leg and other fair goodies. I might even do this one again next year.

After the race, we all went to brunch to celebrate M's birthday. There was a balloon artist, Paul, there and he made a Mickey Mouse and a Hello Kitty bracelet for my niece. I swear they were both for her. Paul works for Balloon Monsoon and he is an amazing balloon artist. Seems like he can make just about anything out of balloons.

Brunch was amazing! I died from the deliciousness.

Little E eating a strawberry for the first time all by herself. She only made a tiny mess. I got away with only one stain on my jeans. She had a nice time at brunch. Me too!


Krissy said...

So fun!! :D I love those balloons and that race really looked like a blast!!

Becka said...

You're fast! Also, love that you got a medal for a 5k!

Unknown said...

"little E" is sooo cute! love the hello kitty balloon bracelet!! soo cute!! that plate of food looks perfect. :) you def. know where all the great restaurants are!

you did great out there. I was happy to see you Madison! keep it up girl!! :)


Anonymous said...

thats a cute pic of you and pam!