Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

I took a little trip to Vegas this past weekend. And as to be expected, it was hot as Hades! Topping out at 109 degrees during some parts of the day. I wouldn't say that I would want to live there or anything but I am always cold so I don't exactly hate the dry heat. 

I didn't win big. I did find these very large playing cards and poker chips. I can't remember if I was tipsy in this photo or not but I'm going to venture and say yes!

There was a lot of damage done on the eating front. This is just part of it. 

We stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel and they had a pretty nice pool area complete with a lazy river. I was too cheap to pay to use the gym and it was too hot to run outside obviously so I jogged around the lazy river. That was my workout that day.

This was my jogging fuel so it was probably all a wash.

I got back in town late last night. I went for a run this morning to undo some of the caloric damages that was incurred in Vegas. I probably didn't run enough. A billion more miles sounds about right. After my run, we all headed to Huntington Beach to cruise around on the bike path. 

There was some sort of Fourth of July festive near the pier so we stopped to get some lunch.

We concluded this gluttonous weekend by having dinner at the Kickin' Crab in Santa Ana where we demolished a huge bag of garlic-y seafood. Yeah, I guess I will be extra good next week with my workouts and diet. I mean I pretty much have to now. There is going to be one last feast tomorrow at my parents' to celebrate the Fourth. I should have signed up for a race tomorrow to offset all the eating I'll be doing but I'm just not prepared to "race" anything tomorrow except to the dinner table. Haha. I'm such a pig.

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ilovesteaks said...

I love eating in Vegas!