Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jinya Ramen Bar - Costa Mesa, CA (closed)

One evening last week I was in the mood for ramen. I think it was that one day that sprinkled a little bit here in the OC. I know, right? If I lived in Seattle, I would probably live in a bowl of ramen soup every day.

Jinya is located in the Costa Mesa Square shopping center...where the Super Target is.

When we walked in during dinner time last week, it was still pretty empty inside. I'm always a little bit concerned when I walk into a restaurant during peak meal hours and it is not full of people eating. I hate waiting for a table but sometimes not waiting could be equally bad.

M ordered the 10-piece Karaage Chicken. There was a 5-piece option but I guess his eyes were bigger than his stomach because he had to take half of this home. This came with a yummy soy sauce based dipping sauce that I forgot to take a photo of. Personally I found this dish to be too salty. I only managed to eat one piece and had to down an entire glass of water afterwards.

M also ordered the Spicy Miso ramen which had a really nice flavorful broth with just a little spicy kick.

I ordered the Tonkotsu Black mainly because I think this place is known for this bowl of ramen. The broth was very thick and it was a little bit too salty for me but it was still pretty tasty. Especially that runny egg. This was overall a good bowl of ramen that could be made better by being a little bit less salty and oily.

The noodles were of the thin variety and I like my noodles thicker but I'm not going to dock points for that since it went well with the other items in the bowl. Overall, I think I need to go back and at least give this place another try.

Jinya Ramen Bar
1450 Baker St, Ste C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 424-0377

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Pam said...

I'll go back with you. :) my kind of place! I lived in Okinawa for 9 yrs. & I appreciate good ramen.