Friday, July 6, 2012

Bachi Burger - Las Vegas, NV

While I was out in Vegas this past weekend, I got the chance to eat at a couple of new-to-me restaurants. One of these places was Bachi Burger which was featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I got that in the correct order, right? I'm always switching those D's around to my liking.

I know, triple D got me again. I can be so suggestible, except this time, I was not the one that fell for it. Obviously, because this post is all about burgers. It has M written all over it. I like burgers enough, I just never crave for them. Can't relate? That's okay, let's move on.

There were a couple of things that really bothered me about this place that I want to just get off my chest before I start talking about the food. Our party of four arrived at the restaurant around 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. So it was already past normal lunch hours. We opened the door only to find that the front of the restaurant was full of people waiting for a table. We ended up waiting for 30-40 minutes before we were finally seated. The restaurant isn't huge but it isn't small either but the food is made to order and that takes time. A lot of time apparently. Once we were seated, the servers were so busy that it took another 10-15 minutes before anyone came by to take our order. Once our order was in, it took another 20-30 minutes before the food arrived. So from the moment we got there, it would be about 1.5 hours or so before we were actually eating. I don't know who's fault this is really. There were many comments on Yelp about the bad/slow service here but upon closer inspection, all the wait staff were really busy attending to the customers. It wasn't like they were standing around with nothing to do. I think this place just needs more cooks or wait staff. They have a second location near by to alleviate the amount of people wanting to eat here but we picked the wrong location that afternoon or maybe it is equally busy.

Aside from all that though, the burgers were pretty amazing! The patty was juicy and cooked perfectly, while the bun was fresh and nicely toasted. This isn't my burger but I had a bite and it was heavenly. Made me almost wish that I had ordered one myself. Next time.

These pork belly in steamed buns were equally delicious! There were even slices of boiled egg in there. It didn't really need it but it also didn't take away from it's deliciousness.

Okay, so you want to know what I ended up ordering? Before you shoot me, let me explain. I ended up ordering a salad. But it was not just any old salad. It was the Bachi Chicken Caesar Salad and it held it's own at this burger joint. What? I'm a disgrace to the foodie community? Hardly! This was the best Caesar salad I've ever had. I was really surprise to find that the chicken was boiled but it was really moist and the chicken flavor really stood out. My mom prepares a boiled chicken dish at home but I rarely eat boiled chicken when I am dining out. It was a pleasant surprise. Reminded me of my mom. There were also two anchovy filet that topped the salad and they were not from a can. The wait was terribly long but somehow after eating this salad I almost didn't mind.

Another note-worthy thing at Bachi's is their drinks. Sister K ordered this strawberry jasmine ice tea that was made with strawberry puree. It was unique and tasty. Not your average strawberry ice tea for sure.

Bachi Burger
9410 W Sahara Ave, Ste 150
Las VegasNV 89117
(702) 255-3055

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