Friday, March 9, 2012

The Kickin' Crab - Costa Mesa, CA

Before I start talking about this Kickin' Crab place, I wanted to give you an update on my foot. After 2-3 weeks of very little to absolutely no running, I think my foot is on the mends. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill yesterday with no pain. I can't tell you how happy those 4 little miles made me.

Okay, so back to food. As I mentioned above I haven't been running these past couple of weeks because I hurt my foot a couple of weeks ago during a routine run. After I hurt my foot, I had some extra time on my hands since I wasn't going to the gym or spending it running. So where was I? Basically, I was laid out on the couch with my foot elevated doing none other than watch TV.

One night we caught an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. Guy Fieri was somewhere in the South visiting different Cajun and Soul restaurants. M was intrigued! He said that he had never had Cajun food before. I was not shocked but mortified. I told him he was missing out. We started searching Yelp to find some Cajun food in Orange County. One thing lead to another and the very next evening we ended up at the Kickin' Crab in Costa Mesa.

I was pretty excited because I've been craving for some seafood lately. M was excited to try his first crawfish. I am proud of him. I would never have imagined him telling me this when we first met.

When we arrived, there were a couple of people in the front of the restaurant waiting around near the hostess's desk but there was no hostess. Those people were waiting for their to-go orders. After a couple of minutes, the hostess/waitress seated us. We came on a Wednesday evening around 6:30pm and it wasn't too crowded in there. The inside of the restaurant is nautical in decor. Think lots of fishing nets and heavy ropes. We were seated at a table covered by a sheet of waxed paper.

We checked out the menu. We decided to order the Kickin' Combo Deal #3, which included a little bit of everything. We sat around for about 10-15 minutes before someone finally came by to take our order. There was maybe 3-4 waitors/waitresses for the entire restaurant. Service was slow. Not because the staff was slow but I think because they were under-staffed.

After we placed our order, they brought us two small dish of salt and pepper and a bunch of lemon wedges. I squeezed a couple of lemon wedges into the s&p.

We sat around some more. Listening to some bumpin' rave music in the background. They turn it up as the night progresses. We started to dance a little bit in our chairs to pass the time. It was a long wait but our order finally came out. In good time too because we had built up quite an appetite from seated chair dancing. 

They put a bib on me and it wasn't of the running variety! I was surprised by the size of the lobster. I thought it was going to be small but it was pretty sizable.

The rest of the seafood under the lobster. Shrimp, crawfish, clam, sausage, potato and corn in a garlic-y Kickin' Style sauce which is the house special sauce in which they combine all their offered sauces into one "kickin'" sauce. It was butter-y, garlic-y, spicy and finger-lickin' good.

Someone was a happy guy! What a mess he made.

Of course eating here isn't without it's hazards. I sliced my finger opened good when I tried to break into that lobster. Luckily, they have band-aids here. I wonder if this happens to people often? Or if I am just super clumsy. I ended up asking for a pair of plastic gloves and they had that as well and so I continued eating. Yeah, nothing comes between me and eating, not even getting a nasty cut by that bad boy mc-lobster.

The bottom-line here is if you ever find yourself with a massive seafood craving and you don't want to wait in that massive line in front of the Boiling Crab and no one else can help and if you can find one near you (this one is across from the South Coast Plaza) and you don't mind dancing in your chair waiting for your order...come to the Kickin' Crab! They have it all! Rave music, waxed paper covered tables, fresh seafood and that sauce...oh that sauce!

The Kickin' Crab
3611 S Bristol St, Ste C
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 754-8888

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