Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post Marathon Bliss

Here are some more random photo postings. I have to be honest and say that my quads are still sore today. Normally, I would be better 2 days after but it is already the third day and I am still sore. It's kinda nice because I get to take a break from going to the gym. Ok, I went in anyways this morning but just did more stretching and upper body weights and some abs. Anyways, on to the random photos.

These are the lovely flowers my sisters greeted me with after I finished running the LA Marathon on Sunday. I am surprise at how nicely they have perked back up even after being crushed and sweated on as I clung on to them on the way back to the car. Thank you Sisters! You guys rock!

A pic of the pup chillin' yesterday. He has such a hard life! ;)

Some amazing tea I picked up at the local mall the night before the race. I love tea...and am in love with Teavana! Expensive but that Youthberry stuff is suppose to combat aging. Not gonna lie, I like the sound of that. I don't care if it is true or not. It is yummy!

Cute goody bag that Sister K gave me. She knows me so well...hahaha. There is a bag of green bean snacks. Sister K was amused that they retain their "bean-like" shape and color. There is also a bag of tiny biscottis, ginger chews, 2 Cadbury eggs and a bottle of spray-on sunscreen in SPF 70+ because quite frankly, I think Sister K is just sick of having to see my sock, running top and shorts tan lines. On another note, those Cadbury eggs are making me drool right now! :p~

Finally, I am back on the crocheting bandwagon. At least for now. So here is my latest finish good. Haha, I already have a couple of request for these so I am making them up whenever I have free time. I guess I would have more finish items if there was only a way for me to run and crochet at the same time because running is just so time consuming.

It is Wed but I am already looking forward to the weekend. The Agoura Half Marathon is this weekend. I am sad that I will not be running it since this is one of those races that I've always wanted to run but it is almost always near the LA Marathon timelsot. Maybe I will do it next year.

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