Friday, March 19, 2010

A Final Note Before the Big Weekend!

See that first item under my Fitness Goals section to the right? I really want to cross that off the list. Can I do it? Will I do it? You can bet that I am going to try.

Now on to lunch because...well I just love food! See collage below...this was what I did for lunch today. It was nice. It was relaxing. I wish all my lunches were like this. I should eat outside more often. It was a nice change of pace.

It was a rest day for me today but I still ended up in the gym this morning. But I just played around in there. Doing some yoga, stretching and abs. I think after the marathon, I am going to focus more on lowering my body fat and experimenting more with cooking. There is a yummy chicken recipe that I've been wanting to try. Also, I just looked on my calendar and noticed that 3 weeks after Sunday, I have a 19-miler in preparation for the SD Rock & Roll Marathon. WTHeck? Haha...craziness!

In other food related news, in case I don't talk about food enough, I am already looking forward to going to the farmers market this weekend. I may need to get a small pull cart because vegetables are delicious but heavy to carry. So after my final 2-mile warm up before the big day tomorrow, I will be headed to the farmers market and then to Dodger Stadium to pick up my bib. It's going to be a beautiful weekend!

(photo borrowed from here)

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