Monday, March 22, 2010

LA Marathon 2010 - the Agony & the Ecstasy!

What a fun and amazing weekend!

This past weekend I ran and finished my 7th marathon and 5th LA Marathon. I've done it 5 years in a row. It started back in 2006 and I have never looked back. This year's race had a new course but since my first running of this race, the course has changed a couple of times so I guess I am use to this race as not being your run of the mill races.

Great course support, amazing volunteers and spectators, great landmarks! The spectators were out in force yesterday. I felt embarrassed to have had to walk parts of the course because people were cheering me on to run even when I was so tired all I could do was walk...very slowly at that.

The course was hillier than I had expected so I was unprepared and had to suffer a bit out there. Overall, I am happy with my efforts as I left it all out on the course. I was pretty much done by the time I crossed that finish line at 4:08:08. I am a bit sad that I did not get a sub-4 time but it kinda inspired me to work harder. Needless to say walking down steps and sitting down are a pain in the rear today. But I have never recovered so fast as I did this time. I was able to walk somewhat normally yesterday and was able to walk up and down short flights of stairs. Today, my quads are sore but I think I will be ok by tomorrow. Might be able to do some light elliptical or easy biking on Wed. Went into the gym this morning to do some stretching and foam rolling!

And because there is always more to race weekend than the race itself. This is what I did before and after all that running stuff. :)

Before heading to pick up my race packet on Saturday at Dodger Stadium, I went to the farmers market to pick up my food for the coming week. It is always such a nice way to start off the weekend. I love the smell of fresh produce and flowers in the morning! I got there pretty early since I had a long day ahead of me but in doing so, I also avoided all the crowd. WIN!

Then I went to pick up my bib and stuff at the expo w/ my pup. Got a picture of the stadium and the Mile 1 marker. The expo itself was too crowded for me to get in any good photos. I just wanted out of there as it was super hot and crowded!
Umm, yeah this is me channeling my inner Lady Gaga! Not sure why.

Carbo-loading w/ the family. :)
Me and that bread basket became really good friends!
This is the stuff that saved me out on the course! I will forever be fond of this stuff. THANK YOU Naked Juice people for saving me out on the LA Marathon course yesterday! I *heart* you coconut water!
Refueling after the run w/ my lovely sisters! Thank you both for being there for me! Sister K, for the super nice goody bag w/ yummy treats (photos later), for waking up early and your thoughtfulness. Sister S, thank you for always being the gracious host and just an overall great person! Also, thanks to E, M and Bear! No thanks to my pup who is such a whiner and made me all nervous on race morning!
Refueling meal of choice...hahaha...banh canh!
Finally, I like the new medal better than last year's but not more than previous years. Those older medals were just the bomb. I wish they would bring them back! I also wish they would bring back the cheaper registration price!
At the finish line.
"borrowed" some race photos


Nobel4Lit said...

Cool pics! Yes, I agree that there was a ton of support from the crowd and also took advantage of the coconut water!

And man, I feel 1000x better today! This was definitely the most painful recovery I've ever had, but I actually feel human again today. Yay!

Nobel4Lit said...

Also, thanks for helping me not feel as bad. I know A is also disappointed, but he's been sick for a couple of weeks now (I have somehow managed to avoid getting it too badly). I also heard about Margarita D coming in after me... poor guy!

Glenn Jones said...

Outstanding results!!!! Did you realize that there was 2,000 vertical feet of climbing that we did on that course? Not an easy one at all.

Congrats on a great finish! Now go do an easy one like San Diego and get that sub-4! said...

congrats on doing LA! it was dang hilly! love your yorkie too.