Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

I really love Halloween! I love seeing people dressed up in costumes. It really brings out the kid in everyone. I love the decorations. Almost everything about it. That's why it blew my mind this morning when I got to work and saw my receptionist dressed as a witch and realized that I had forgotten that today was Halloween. Don't worry, if you are stopping by my place I did remember to get candy so all is good with the world.

I celebrated Halloween early with my family over the weekend. I was a witch. A really colorful and wide witch. Like I swallowed some kids or maybe just one.

Speaking of kids...the one in my belly is a little boy! He's going to love Halloween in the next couple of years. This year he's going as a baby bump.

This week I'm about 20 weeks along, just 20 more weeks to go. @_@ My bladder is running out of space. I almost peed my pants in the car a couple of weeks ago when my husband made me laugh and I could not stop laughing. That was a close one. I told him never to talk to me about the thing that I could not stop laughing at ever again.  

It's getting difficult for me to get comfortable at night. It feels like I am eternally flip-flopping my belly from one side to the other every night in order to find that magical comfort zone. This picture is not me but it is how I look in the morning. I just do not want to get out of bed.

The lack of bladder control and uncomfortable nights have not been fun but I can't really complain too much since my pregnancy has been pretty great so far. Last week, I thought I felt fetal movement for the first time but I wasn't sure since I've never been pregnant before and don't know what the heck it feels like. This week they have picked up quite a bit so I'm pretty sure he's trying to get my attention. I've read a couple of articles on what fetal movements should feel like but it doesn't feel like anything I've read about. You know what it does feel like? Involuntary muscle twists. It's weird and cute all at the same time.

Happy Halloween!!

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Pam said...

You're the cutest!!!! :) xo