Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Woah, I'm Half Way There!

A hat tip to hottie Bon Jovi! ;0)

I'm back! Contrary to what you may have thought...I didn't fall in. I've just been too lazy to blog. Mostly tired but I'm starting to feel better now. Since I completely skipped over the month of September and half of October, I'll do a brief recap of what I've been up to.

I celebrated a birthday this month and was spoiled rotten by my loved ones. <3

My niece and I have birthdays very close to each other so she also celebrated a birthday. The BIG 2!!! She loves to blow out candles and sing the Happy Birthday song so this was right up her alley. She is turning into a little girl so fast but I still pinch those little cheeks every chance I get. Yes, I'm one of those cheek pinching aunties.

Over the past two months, I've been running or should I say jogging less and less and I am basically down to just walking and using the elliptical machine. I have to say that working out for the sake of health can be pretty boring. I've gotten so use to pushing my limits when I workout that I find absolutely no enjoyment in just walking around. But you know what's even worst than walking around? The elliptical machine. That thing is just a slow torture device to bored the heck out of you. I have to admit that I only move at all nowadays so that I don't end up looking like Jabba the Hutt. I wanted so much to be one of those women that still ran or worked out regularly like before they got pregnant but sadly I am not. It doesn't feel all that comfortable when I run so I've decided to just use this time as a break from running and store all my running energy and excitement for when I can fully get back to it.

I have picked up knitting again. My first project was this bunny for my niece's birthday. I am now onto crocheting a blanket.

I have a new dining room table now but it's been a mini ordeal. I ordered this table a couple of months ago when I first moved in and since then the order has been misrouted to Canada, involved in a truck derailment, arrived damaged and sent back. The replacement table came really quickly and aside from the delay and mishap I love the table even more than when I saw it online.

Here is a progress photo of me at four months! That's right, almost half way there...hitting the mile 12-13 mark in a marathon...okay so there is still a long ways to go, believe me I know but I won't mind if you tell me that I'm almost there but only this one time. This is how you can tell I've totally stepped out of my runner shoes. It probably doesn't look like much at this point but I feel huge when I look down. I've been very lucky with this whole pregnancy thing because I've had no morning sickness, I still sleep like a log, and have pretty normal cravings. Okay, so there was that one time I wanted McDonald's french fries and this other time that I wanted frosted flakes. But no ice cream and pickles cravings yet or ever. I thought that I would be craving sweets like crazy since I had a major sweet tooth prior to being pregnant but lo and behold I mostly want to eat salty foods. Toss me that bag of chips will ya?

Next week we find out the baby's gender. I kind of already know but it will be good to get confirmation. All the tests have come back and the baby is healthy and doing well. That was a load of bricks off my mind. I spent most of the early months worrying about everything under the sun. It didn't help that I was on the internet every night reading about stuff that could go wrong. I know I should have been relaxing but the unknown and my curiosity got the better of me. I swear I am way more relaxed now.

So come back next week if you want to know...


Julie D said...

The table looks nice! I feel sad for the one that's broken somewhere.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Thank you for posting!! I was wondering how things were coming along. Glad to hear that everything is going as planned and you are having a great pregnancy. You look great..with your little bump! Happy Belated Birthday and I can't wait to find out the baby's gender so I can send you something! Take care and thanks for the update!

Jennifer K. said...

That bunny is adorable! And what an adventure for the table!

Anonymous said...

So exciting,congratulations!! I LOVE the bunny and can't wait to see the blanket! Oh, happy belated bday!!

Becka said...

The elliptical is THE WORST. That bunny is the cutest, AND you are the tiniest ever :D